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About us

The company, Silos-Tech Ltd, was founded in Senta on February 24th in 2006. as a family company. The company is based in the street Horti Ištvana no. 54.

Silos-Tech Ltd Senta deals with production. What does that mean exactly? We produce: equipment for storages, ventilation and transport of seed materials and grains, elevators, screw conveyors, redlers; systems for preparation and mixing animal feed. In addition to the above-mentioned products we also produce metal constructions for silos in agriculture.

During the the year of 2006, for the production of machinery and mechanization, we processed 100 tons of different metals. We are oriented to meet the demands of the market and meeting current and future demands. In manufacturing we provide high quality and constant improvement of technology. Thanks to our professional team, our production volume is constantly increasing. The number of employees is constantly growing along with the growth of production and currently stands at 40. During the year of 2007 we processed 350 tons of various metals.

In the focus of the increase are modernization and expansion of the production range. Due to the ever increasing demands of production, we have invested our working capital in the construction of new production facilities at a new location, and the purchase of modern CNC machines for metal processing. We own a MESSER CNC machine for plasma cutting, a CNC machine for bending sheet metal up to 300 tons, NC scissors of high performance for cutting sheet metal, a hydraulic pipe and profile bender and a hydraulic roll-up machine (with 4 cylinders). In addition to the production and trading, our company offers services of metal processing, cutting and bending.

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